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IEC electronic voltage detector - optical & acoustic

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IEC electronic voltage detector - optical & acoustic
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Electronic voltage detector by micro controller and direct contact detection. New advanced technology with duplicated acquisition that garants a perfect safe indication even in high perturbation electric field environments.

Voltage presence is indicated by red led and high acoustic pressure buzzer. Voltage absence is indicated by green led. Low battery is indicated by orange led. Self-checking device for its complete circuit by pressing the test button. Stop working when low battery. Work temperature range:  from -25°C to +55°C. Self-ignition when voltage presence. Auto-turn into sleep mode after two minutes of voltage absence. Less than 1μA consumption in this mode. Power supply 9V alkaline battery, type 6LR61.

Indoor and outdoor use by appropiate insulating pole to the voltage detector.

End fitting to the pole by Universal type.
Supplied in a rigid plastic box with batteries included.

In accordance with IEC 61243-1 Ed.2 and UNE-EN 61243-1/2006 + A1 2011 standards.