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Dielectric gloves - SG

The insulating gloves for live working complies with the specifications of the European Standard EN 60903 and International Standard IEC 60903 specifications.

Insulating composite gloves - SGM

Our new insulating composite gloves allow to work with total safety without leather over-gloves. According to EN 60903 and IEC 60903 Standards.

Pneumatic gauge tester SG-117

Before using dielectric gloves for live working, the EN 60903 and IEC 60903 standards recommend a visual inspection by inflating the gloves with air to detect any possible leakages.

Leather overgloves - SG

Leather overgloves must be worn over dielectric gloves to protect against mechanical risks and, when necessary, against electric arc risks. In accordance with EN 388 standard.

Fire-resistant gloves - SG37

Gloves made of NOMEX fibre with fire-resistant properties. To be used under dielectric gloves with the aim of protecting against a possible electric arc. In accordance with EN 407 standard.

Plastic gloves case SGP

Plastic case to store and carry dielectric gloves.

Gloves bag SG-36

Waterproof nylon bag to carry dielectric gloves. A strap on the back makes it easy to hang the bag on the belt.

Mechanical protection gloves - SG38/39

Working gloves to protect hands from mechanical risks. Gloves made of grey or yellow skiver leather. According to EN 388-2122 and EN 420.

Mechanical protection gloves - SH

Gloves made of Nylon, Cotton or Kevlar. According to EN 388-3131 and EN 420.