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Insulating stool ST (580 ST)

Made of high impact copolymer polypropylene in accordance with UNE 204001 standard.

Insulating stool for outdoor use STE (580 STE)

Made of high impact copolymer polypropylene. The platform surface is rough, non-slip and the legs have deflecting hoods.

Insulating mat AD (585 AD)

Dielectric mats AD, made of high-quality natural rubber with a non-slip surface. Manufactured according to IEC 61111 standard.

Insulating blanket MA (585 MA)

Insulating blanket made of high quality resistant rubber. Used to protect workers from low voltage electrical hazards. Conforms to IEC 61112:2009: Live working - Electrical insulating mats.

Insulating slab ST-79 (580 ST-79)

Made of high impact polyethylene. 500×500 mm modules that can be joined together enabling any surface to be covered.